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Stolen Specialized Bikes

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Stolen bikes notice on forum

One of the forum members on posted a thread about ALL of their bikes being stolen. I thought I would post it here as well to get the word out. Please keep an eye out on the classifieds:

Quote from the thread:
All of our bikes were stolen last night - thieves seemed to have used powerful cable cutters to cut the locks and made off with the following 6 bikes:

Titus Moto-Lite, blue, small, KU5C0322
Titus Moto-Lite, blue, Large, KU5C0206
Trek Fuel, white, large 195G02270
Specialized Roubaix 30, 49 cm. silver, P6KM10017
Specialized TriCross 54 cm, black, P6DA21083
Specialized Stumpjumper Pro, small, silver hardtail

Second quote from the thread with more info:
Thanks for all the positive support. We will wait until Monday before starting the insurance hassle, but they should be covered, less some deductible. I wish I had good pictures of them to post but the only pics I have are of us, usually in trouble, on trails, not great bike pictures lol. All of the large bikes have SPD pedals, the white Trek has a bright pink bottle holder on it. The small Motolite has Time pedals, and the Roubaix has Speedplay pedals. Several of the bikes had small seat bags attached. The large Motolite and the Trek have grip shifters. If you need more specific information on any particular bike I can give a more detailed description. Again, thanks everyone for your help and support.
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