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STOLEN - Salsa Caballero

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Some @#$&^ stole my bike. It's a custom setup and very rare in melbourne let alone australia. I'm hoping there are some aussies on here who will spot it...

Salsa Caballero 2004 - 18" red/black flames
RockShox SID Race 2003 - silver
RockShox SID rear
Mavic XC717 discs
Avid mechanical discs
XT/LX groupset
WTB Speed V saddle
Crank Bros Candy - blue

If you have any info please let me know!


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That really sucks dude!! :( I feel your pain!!!! :mad:
Maybe you should register at and post your details there as well. The link will direct you to their lost/stolen forum board.
I hope you get your bike!! Good luck!
thanks man, apreciate it. I had completely forgotten about
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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