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would anyone with any information let me know if they see a Black Santa Cruz Bullit (2004). IT was stolen last Feb. at the Colorado Creek Trailhead (Elliot Highway) above Fairbanks. I was formerly 'AKbikerman' on the forum last year and posted when it happened then and am just following up. Distinguishing characters of the bike; it has Blue Chris King hubs and headset, Mavic 321 rims, Hayes 8in. disk HFX 9 (brakes), Black Frame with decals stripped off(size Med.), Marzocchi Super T Pro also with decals stripped off (fork), 5th Element rear (shock), Michelin 2.5's fr/rr (tires), Thomson seat post, bezerker saddle, XT Shimano drivetrain fr/rr derailers w/rapid fire shifters, TruVativ Cranks, 'Woodman' cage pedals, fr 270 handlebars. It is basically all black except the anodized blue rear and front hubs, and headset (Chris King)
I am is love with biking and this bike was a once in a lifetime gift from someone close to me and now it's gone and i can't afford another one like it for a long, long, long time. Please if anyone in the Alyeska area, Anchorage area, or anywheres here in the Interior or abroad sees this call:
907 457 3281
or email:
[email protected]
By the way the SERIAL # is: .CA5167
Below is a picture of a similar build, except mine is stripped of the decals, and has Blue hubs, and headset (Chris King).
-jeff gimbel


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