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Stolen Bikes In San Jose area?

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We are receiving reports of bikes being stolen in the First Street area of San Jose in the condos and apartments, 1-2 bikes a night, (reports state the bikes are between $1000-$3000, and the last bike was a red Specialized S-works with Fox Shox) between 2am - 6am. There have been no police reports filed yet. If you, or anyone you know has had their bikes stolen, please shoot me a private message.


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I live near there. I hope my bike will be safe. I keep it inside my house at all times, never in a garage or storage area. Do you think I should be locking it up even inside my house for a few weeks?
As long as nobody sees your bike, that is half the battle. These are not the same thieves that go to St. James park and sell them for $100.00. If they are on you balcony and it can be climbed up to, lock your bike.
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