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Had my bike stolen yesterday on campus at UVM. :mad:

Two locks sliced through with what must have been some serious bolt cutters and this is before the students are even back. Obviously don`t expect to ever see it again but if anybody does spot anything please let me or the appropriate law enforcement agency know...

The bike was pretty damn unique especially as a lot of it came from the UK...
Silver Rockhopper disc specific frame c. 98-99 - tyre wear on right chainstay - MBR carbon sitckers on left seatstay
Marzocchi Bomber Z1 FR SL (130 mm travel - gun metal) (that was fun on a rockhopper! :thumbsup: )
Mavic Crossride Rear Wheel (silver - 24 bladed spokes) set up ghetto tubeless with a Panaracer Fire XC
Shimano Deore F.Hub laced to a Mavic 219 Disc Specific Rim (spokes are about 1 mm too short!!) with a Hutchison Bulldog 2.3 tyre that is balder than a naked mole rat
Sette singlespeed conversion kit at rear (16 tooth cog) - the frame dropouts are pretty chewed so needs a lot of persuasion to sit properly
Chainset is Hollowtech II - LX crank on right, XT on left. Running a worn LX middle ring which has been spaced out with some very dubious home made tabs
Avid Juicy 5 rear disc brake (running an avid 160 mm mechanical disc) and original Hope M4 (the two piece version) front brake - 185 mm - this has been drilled out and my own modified pad retainers put in place.

The brakes are set up moto/UK style so I hope the knobber that stole it goes straight over the bars and smashes himself. It must also be reaching the fatigue life for aluminium (?) and it has now done 2.5 winters commuting every day in northern vermont never mind taking a proper beating in the summer - it even did the trans rockies at one point.

I would never have even considered selling this bike to anyone - as much for their own safety as for sentimental value but it is also my transport for getting back and forth to work.
Well done Mr ******* Bike thief you now have a bike that you will hopefully never be able to sell and I am properly fecking pissed.


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Not saying it's the same bike, but there was one locked up yesterday set up for skatepark/DJ, with a couple BMX bikes at the bike rack on the Cherry St. side of the Burlington Mall. I work in the office next to it and looked at the stays and saw rubbing like you indicated. BUT it had cable discs and a really trashed Manitou (reverse arch) fork on it. I've lived and worked in B-Town forever (went to UVM, worked at all the shops, etc...) and generally speaking stolen bikes are either stripped and rebuilt (ie maybe the bike I saw) OR taken to Montreal or Albany and sold there... Keep and eye on the craigslists for surrounding areas too!
Keep an eye on the Neighborhood around Skirack too, just seems to be a lot of the little kids riding kleins, etc around there...
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