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One of our friends got his bike stolen.

1996 Rockhopper Comp A1 FS (Silver Gray) 21 speed, 18" frame
Serial Number: M5FI50841
Standard components (grip shift, diacomp break levers, STX rear derailer)
Bar ends, two water bottle holders, pump, large wedge seat pack
Pedals: Performance Forte SPD clipless
Front Tire: Specialized Ground Control
Rear Tire: IRC Mythos

It was stolen Saturday morning, 12/17, in front of a bank in Willow Glen. It was locked to a pole and the owner was in the bank for all of 5 minutes.


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Not making light of the fact it was stolen...but it should be easy enough to replace as there are lots of them aound and not worth 4 digits...

Sorry to hear it happen though....Willow Glen is a pretty nice area too.
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