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Stolen bike alert - custom Patrick bike in Santa Cruz (xpost)

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Stolen bike alert - custom Patrick bike in Santa Cruz

My builder friend, Greg Patrick Gardner just sent out the APB on this thing:

This bike was stolen yestreday around 10-11 am, December 7 in Aptos CA. Its one of three Patrick Cycles frames in Santa Cruz and the only Patrick mountain bike owned by a SC resident. It's an ash grey 29er SS w/ eccentric BB, disc mounts and drive side bottle opener. Marzocchi comp fork, avid juicy brakes, mavic hoops laced to Phil Wood SS hubs, truvativ stylo cranks, titec seatpost and stem, King headset.

Jason Hajduk( [email protected] ) is the owner-had in for three days, roughly 50 miles on it only. stolen from his garage, worth roughly 3200.00. 25" effective TT c-c, 17" seat tube c-c. This is a unique bike, the only other person riding a Patrick this big is me. I still know the owner of every bike I've made as well. Contact me at the above email address or Jason at the above email address.

Ok, this thief is vile. Please spread the word and help catch this guy. Greg Patrick Gardner is a San Jose bike builder working full-time as a paramedic. Each one of his filet-brazed frames is a labor of love.


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thats a real shame, that is a sweet bike...
There isnt anyone much lower than a bike thief. Especially such a nice one.
I hope it turns up soon.
My buddy got his stolen bike back (also a unique bike) by going to ALL local shops with a little flyer he made with pics and description and his cell phone #. The shops put it up in the workshop.

He had lost hope and gotten another bike. But then he gets a call! Someone had brought in the bike with a flat tire. Shabang! He went and picked it up. theif never came back for the bike.

So encourage the owner to visit all local bike shops with a little information (and a couple brewskies) and maybe it will turn up.

That's a beautiful bike. To see it under the tree like that with the bow... sad sad sad .
when I worked at a shop we got stolen bikes all the what JH said, that's a nice bike
I want to thank Francis and Greg for getting on this and posting my bike. This has been the full roller coaster, bike comes, bike rocks, bike gets stolen. I am in mourning. As Greg said I had only ridden my bike for a few days before the thief took it. I had my garage door open and I was in my house. They came in and took my bike and lawn trimmer (random) and bailed. Not that I want a bike stolen but any of the others in my garage would have been much easier to handle. I have posted fliers at the local bike shops here in Santa Cruz and I plan on checking ebay, craigslist, and the local flea market this weekend. If anyone has a lead or an idea on where to look please let me know. I'm really pissed that my bike is more than likely in the hands of some jackass who has no clue what it is. It rode exactly how I wanted and I know Greg put a ton of heart and soul into making it. Kegs of homebrew to anyone who finds the bike. Thanks, Jason.
this sucks!

Sweeeeet ride! I'm so bummed for you. I've had a bike stolen before and can feel your pain. As someone who just got a new 29'er this week I can say that I'd rather lose my car than my bike!
Here's to not only getting your bike back, but to catching the creep who grabbed it!

stout said:
I plan on checking ebay, craigslist, and the local flea market this weekend. If anyone has a lead or an idea on where to look please let me know. is another resource that may be of help. I am very sorry to see your loss.
honestly, if you have any ghetto areas...hang out there? my friend from ECU got his bike stolen and everyone kept seeing different people riding it around in the ghetto....last day of school, my boy from the bike shop got off late and came to the party we were having like "I think I just saw KJ's bike" bam, we jump in the car and it's leaning on the wall at a convenience I got out and hauled arse, jumped on this 15" trek 8000 and rode it back to the party, the whole time all the fellas are in the car behind me laughing and cheering like it was a pace car in the tour...hilarious, one of the bettter moments in my life
That hurts

Stay on the local shops. Fortunately, SC is a pretty small community. Hopefully, somebody will get wind of your bike.

I used to run a music store in SC and would get reports of stolen guitars and amps every so often. One kid did the unthinkable and left his rig in his car after a gig. Of course the next morning both guitar and amp were missing. Having sold the amp to him, I was very familiar with it and sure enough, a week later I got a call from a guy wanting to sell an amp he "found". I knew immediately by the description it was the missing amp. I had the thief bring the amp in so I could "check it out" before giving him any money. As soon as I made a positive ID, I had one of my employees call the police. I must have turned every knob and flipped every switch by the time the police finally showed up.

Two days later the thief showed back up at the store and wanted to talk to me outside. I was ready for whatever was about to happen but to my surprise, he was there to apologize to me and the kid he stole the amp from. I still wanted to kick him in the teeth.

I really hope you get your bike back. That empty, sick feeling you get when something like that happens is the worst.

Good luck.
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:) :D :p :) :D :p :) :D :p

My bike has been found and I will be riding by Christmas. This forum and other e-mails that were sent out defenitely helped. Thanks to everyone who passed the message on. Jason.
That is great to hear! I hope that she is still in good shape and that the thief get's what he deserves.
How'd it come back to you? Those stories are allways better than how they disappeared! Glad to hear it's coming home.
Tell us the story!

I am very happy to hear your bike was returned.

But don't just dangle the summary in front of us like that, I am sure there is a great story to tell, and I am a very nosy guy, so let's hear it.
I can delete bad content, but teased non-content I cannot un-delete, frustrating! Let us know!
Good to hear it's back, of course.
OK so here is the deal. Greg gets a phone call from a guy who works at Giro. My bike is there in the back. I go by and pick up the frame. He says his buddy bought the bike at the flea market and then brought it in to possibly trade with someone for a smaller frame. Another person at Giro (Ken?) saw the frame and told him it was stolen. Apparently he had received an e-mail that had the info and a picture. They tracked Greg down who called me. I then went to Watsonville and picked up my rims, hubs, and rotors from the guy who said he bought the bike at the flea market. He had cut the spokes out because he said he didn’t want 29” wheels. So basically I got everything back except I had to have my wheels re-laced. Not bad considering I had written off ever seeing that bike again. Not the most exciting story as far as cloak & dagger goes. But my bike is home with me and I am stoked about that. The info put out by MTBR was great and the e-mail Greg put out absolutely got me my bike back. That info with the pictures got to someone who recognized my bike and said something. Being a small community and Patrick cycles being unique saved my ride. So if you get an e-mail about stolen **** pass it on, it works. Jason.
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stout said:
:) :D :p :) :D :p :) :D :p

My bike has been found and I will be riding by Christmas. This forum and other e-mails that were sent out defenitely helped. Thanks to everyone who passed the message on. Jason.

The more people that know the better the chance it will be recovered.

Rebuild your wheels and got enjoy the ride!
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