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14" frame, size small
white Fatback decals on frame and "I love this bike" sticker
black Fatback fork with pink Fatback decals
Moots titanium seat post
pink cable housing
green platform pedals
Old Man Mountain rear rack
Stella 200L lights on front w/ battery pack attached on frame
black Relevate frame bag
carbon salsa handle bars
has 4" stem riser on it
ergon grips

I am the original owner and I love this bike. Please help me find it. It was stolen from my garage in a locked storage closet. They also stole a Specialized Tricross (grey and red), the original wheel set from the Fatback (black double walled rims... no drill outs), 29" studded tires. All I want is my Fatback back. It's not replaceable due to it's age and I love this bike. I planned to be buried with it.

Please call 907-360-0176 at any hour of the day if you see this bike. APD case # 18-37627



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