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i moved from chicago to denver and back to chicago from denver in 2000. i havent riden since college (2000) and want to get a new bike. i am in chicago now and planning on moving back to the mountains come september or october.
anyways, i have $1500 bucks to spend on a bike and would love a dualy. i was renting like the cannondale's with their own suspension and trek Y bikes back when i rode, and would like a new trail cruiser that can handle downhill.
around here, word is i should get a '05 specialized (stumpjumper i think) FSR disc comp - stock. its about 1500bucks. i think its pretty sweet, and like the smooth ride. i know little to nothing about components, but hear they are okay, minus maybe a rim and seat problem.
heres the question; this bike shop also has a '04 rockhopper FSRxc comp for like 550 or less (60% off for last years models). i wondered if that frame sucks? i could (in theory) buy that bike, throw a $600 fork (any suggestions?) on it, and some disk brakes and still have a bike for around $1500.

which option would be better? i am a fairly aggressive rider once i get back into the groove. also test rode some GF cake 2's, a santa cruz litespeed, an EPIC disk, and a giant trance 2. all seemed pretty comparable, but started to get a little pricey. just trying to get a beefy, light, durable bike for a good price.

help a brother out
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