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Stinky, what size?

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What size stinky should I get for starter DJ/FR action? I am looking at the website, seems like all the sizes fit me (5'-8"). Sizes available are 15, 15.5, 16, 16.5.

On a AM bike, I usually ride a medium. On a big bike, I ride a small just coz it is more flickable.

Any sizing recommendation will be great. Thanks all:thumbsup:
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15 if your going to DJ more...
15.5 if your going FR more...

I'm 5.9 and ride a 15.5 and it's a tad on the small side, so it would be just about right for you IMO....for FR...
I'm 6' to 6'1" and ride a 16.5 XL and it's perfect
best bet... ride the different sizes

2nd best bet, email Kona and ask
Go demo to find out... nobody here has seen you ride and can't tell you what you think feels rights
I don't know if Stinky sizing changes over the years but I have just bought a 09 stinky in a 15.5 size. I have only had it for one day and not sure if its perfect for me (5'10") but for the time I have been riding it I get the sense the large would have been too large and the small too small.

I would go with the small if you know you prefer the smaller frames, otherwise medium.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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