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Stinky setup

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I just got an '04 Stinky Primo frame set - XXL (~ 20in).

Hoping somebody else here rides the same & can get me in the neighborhood with fitting it since I don't have a baseline to start from. (ie stem length, bar rise, steerer length, rear spring rate, etc). Yeah, I know - it's all what feels good to me. But since I don't have a complete bike to start with, any info would help & I'll tweek it from there.

I'm 6'4", usually ~250 winter/230 summer.

Starting from ground zero here & there isn't a Kona dealer (or LBS for that matter, nearest is 60miles from me) to go see how they have 'em turned out. My fork is uncut so I could add inches of spacers if need be to get the bars close/taller to pedaling seat height - Do you wish you had more/less headset spacers? How much? Bar rise? Stem length? & so on. Planning on xtra-heavy springs in the forks, but no idea on rate to start out with on the rear. etc, so on & so forth ~ blah, blah, blah.

ALSO - Anyone know of a seat post with a healthy set back? Best I know of is FSA SL200 (~ 1.5"), but I can't seem to find one in 30mm dia. & everything else is ~3/4" or less.

TIA - David
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Setback seatpost

Look at the Titec El Norte (formerly called Hellbent) setback seatpost. I use one and it has a pretty healthy setback.

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