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Stinky good for dh racing?

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i got a killer deal on a 2007 stinky dee just wondering if it would be good for dh racing?
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You can race it. It's certainly strong enough. I raced one for half a season.
That being said, it doesn't ride like a true DH bike. It's not as good through rough sections and corners as my r9 or my buddy's demo.
Good? No. Acceptable in Beginner or Sport class? Yeah. When you win a Sport race on it you'll know that you're a good rider and ready for a real race bike and an upgrade to Expert. Next summer after you're used to it bum a ride on someone's V10 or other high-end race bike and see what you think of the difference.
a bike is only as good as the person riding it. it will work fine for racing and the day that you finally feel that you're being limited by the bike, then it's time to upgrade.
like everyone said...possible, yes...but it isnt really a DH race rig. geometry is more for slow tight corners and hucking stuff.

that orange you had/have is more DH "race" than a stinky.
I saw his ad on PB, he did sold his Orange.
Is it stock?

If it is, Its a 66deg HA 14.1" bb freeride bike with 888RCV and a floating brake.

Is it a DH WC race rig? no.

Can you race DH with it? Absolutely!

Run a little more sag to drop your bb a little and slack her out and giver.
well i picked up an azonic recoil frame for 300$
justcheckin said:
well i picked up an azonic recoil frame for 300$
way better frame then a of my all time favorite rides...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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