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Stillwell woods: locomotive breath

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Lots of people that have tried the newer loop in stillwell called "locomotive breath" have said that they didnt like it and it s too sandy. I kept saying i liked it I guess because it was kind of trying to add new excitment to stillwell vfor myself. after a few rides on it I kind of gave up.
Today I rode stillwell and got to the end near the exit to loco breath and said wth I'll try it backwards. Parking lot was empty, so i figured it would be safe. I'm voting that climb reverses that trail. What an amazing ride compared to the way its supposed to be riden. having a frozen sand pit helped a lot but it was way more exciting to ride. still had to walk around that boulder but didnt have a problem with tthe rest of the trail.
anyone else ever try this??
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How new is The Loop and...

where is it?? I have been off the bike for about 2 months, so wondering if it is that new, or if I am just so locked into my little routine that I was riding past a new section. Thanx in advance.
I think they cut it last winter. You really can't miss it. The loop is down by the rr tracks. After you're just about done with the last loop and you come up to the fire road ya really can't miss the signs. Sure it's been 2 months?
I'm in. I hate that trail like it is.
where's stillwell? i don't live in ny any longer but seem to remember riding the place.

In Woodbury. A few minutes north from the end of the Saeford Oyster Bay Expressway.
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