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Well after about six months of eye balling, I have decided to drop the considerable coin to buy the Maverick Speedball w/remote adjustable seat post. So yesterday I stopped in my LBS to purchase one. And the employee tells me that they are no longer and that Maverick has been bought by Spot. But he said that Crank Brothers makes the Joplin adjustable seat post with remote that is identical to the Maverick. After checking it out and realizing that he was right, I purchased one. But I was a bit curious as to the Maverick / Spot buy out. So I looked into it, and this is what I came up with. This is a statement from Ethan F. at Maverick.

Quote -Ethan F
Still here and kicking!

That's right, we're still here and we're taking names!
Spot has bought the Maverick brand outright but will still get designs and license technology from The Masters....Paul Turner and Frank Vogel and there new digs, an independent design house called Black Glass. Those guys have always wanted it to be this way. They can design and prototype stuff in the calmness of there own world, whether its in warm Hawaii or the world outside reality know as Boulder, then let someone else to the dirty work of production and sales!
Maverick/Spot will then be able to decide if the product will be viable and producible and either go forward or not. Trying to do both efficiently under the same roof just seemed never to be in the cards.
Maverick had been on and off the selling block for some time now, but the buyer had to fit Paul and Franks standards (high). Spot and its owners we're the right fit. Not only from a brand position, with the best single speed carbon belt drive bikes to full custom cyclocross frames out there, now including the best full suspension design line-up out there too.To the personnel involved in running the overall business efficiently and effectively.
Our move to Golden has been a little rocky at best as any moving seems to go. The phone system is still in turmoil as the phone company just told us the 22nd at the earliest!
All of the small parts are still boxed up and waiting to be inventoried.
Larger item such as frames...are just starting to be counted and accounted for.
Most likely it will be a few weeks till we can sort it all out and get situated into Maverick world again!
Folks who are waiting for there bike, are not alone. We, along with what seems like, all the bike companies are having production issues. For us its just being the small guy! We do the best we can to push stuff thru, but...! That is not an excuse for the delay, but I'm just the tech guy!
We did lose a few great people from the Maverick staff. Some of the new Maverick investors are in house working partners, so difficult to to take everyone from Boulder.
Luby, is still at the Boulder location and is starting his own fix it gig along with doing Speedball repairs and helping with Maverick clean up for a while.
Suzanne is now with Primal Wear in Denver.
Dave is doing his own thing along with helping Maverick settle in.
Mark moved on to Apple, real money, I guess!
Everyone seems have made it one way or another
So, myself and Andy our engineer, are here in Golden now.
Both of us are really pleased with the future of Maverick. Its only been a few days at the Golden location, but have seen the light! Current products are getting figured out, future products are getting scrutinized. New sales guys and engineers are getting up to speed.
Some top secret stuff is floating around and is gonna put us in a new "Gotta have it" catagory!

In short, this is a good thing. We need a little time and understanding to get settled and situated amongst other things!
Feel free to e-mail me [email protected] I do not have a complete grasp on the sales side of things but will do my best to help people out if needed.
Thanks for all the support.
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