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I've currently got an 03 kona kikapu, and am looking at getting a new bike. I've been told that my current frame (17.5/18) is probably too small for me (6'4" and 190 pounds). firstly is this right...?

I was looking round my local shop and noticed the marin rocky ridge and cove stiffee. I really like the look of the bikes, and like the fact that they can do most things. The only thing I cant get my head round is that i always hear people say how fast they are. But surly wouldnt the skinny xc type bikes be faster on the uphills, and the fs rigs be faster on the downhills? what are the advantages of these bikes?

Finally, can anyone tell me how much abuse my current bike will take? I mainly ride xc, but wanted to put some fat tyres on it and do some light FR...?

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