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I recently got my first mobile phone. Almost the last person to get one but I wanted to make sure it wasn't just a fad. Anyway I downloaded Strava even though I was skeptical it has been fun keeping track of my stats, especially meters climbed (a lot). The other night I was out with my usual group and had a really great time. Afterwards I was checking my times on some of the segments and recognized some of the names on the leaderboard. Not to surprising as I even though I'm new to the area I have met a few local riders and have a couple of friends on Strava. I don't follow racing but I recognized a couple of the names of riders who were faster. Mark Weir and Andreas Hestler rode here in Cumberland on the BC Bike race. I'm going to try to beat Weir's 1:53 on a short sweet descent usually don at the end of a ride. My current best is 2:03 so I need to shave of 11 seconds. Good thing he only got to try it once and I can work at it a few times a week. Pretty silly.
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