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Well, after 6 years, its time to retire my Manitou FS-DH frame as the headtube cracks have reached a point you can feel them with your fingertips, and there's a visible gap between the edges appearing that'll actually show up somewhat in a digicam pic. Now I've known the cracks were developing since late in 2002 and as a result, along with building up another dually last year i spent a LOT of time on, I've hardly used the Manitou anymore. But I took it out yesterday and today for some aggressive roots/rocks infested singletrack, and some drops and jumping and well, the crack in the pic doubled in size.

In the pic, far left edge of the TNT sticker, look for the crack line growing upwards to the headset cup. There's another crack towards the other end of the sticker, also growing from the cup downwards, but its not as visible and wouldn't capture right with the digicam. Sigh... and I really liked the bike two. Just finished taking it apart and the frame weighed 5 Ibs 15 oz counting the seatpost clamp and seatpost bolt. Pretty good for the time period especially given the monster frame dimensions. This 19" frame fit like my older 21.5" Rocky Mountain Stratos. Its got a really long headtube, long toptube, and really long wheelbase (about 44"). But at only 3.25" rear travel, its barely even XC travel these days.

Oh well, now I have room (and parts, including my only pair of 180mm cranks) to put a singlespeed together, and an excuse to get another full suspension frame to build to replace it.
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