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There are actually 2 listings for it. Here are the links:

It is one of my favoriate places to ride. The terrain is rolling with some short steep climbs but no long leg burners. You get a lot of momemtum and some serious flow as you roll down one hill and up the next like a roller coaster. Really great XC. Campared to the trails in Westchester (where I am from) Stewart is FAST, smooth, and not as technical. Just watch out after rain because it gets really really muddy in many spots. Also, it is enormous, 7,500 acres or so, and you can get really lost if you are not careful. I heard people say there are 20 miles of unimproved roads and over 50 miles of singletrack. I have yet to explore it all. Oh yeah, many of the turns are burmed so you don't have to use your brakes. Just rip thought it. Yeee-haaaa!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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