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ironhorsebryce said:
i hope i see him in kelowna this week. demos are way better than black diamonds why did he want to go to mongoose?

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well specialized is a company out to make money, having a rider like romaniuk takes alot of y our bank roll to have riding for you every year. Specialized is a house hold name, they really dont need to spend 100K+ a year to spread the word on thier bikes, i'd HIGHLY doubt they dropped him for lack of skill, as he is one of the best riders out there, in the end it's all about what is good for the company's bottom line, and they more than likely felt that dropping him would not hurt thier bottom line.

and ya Mongoose on the otherhand, does not have a reputable reputation in the MTB world, and having a rider like Romaniuk riding for them, will definately put thier bikes to the test, and get them much more recognition overall. I'd use Cedric Gracia for an example, ya never really seen jack about Commencal asfar as the *omg i want that bike!* type threads, until Cedric started riding for them, for the same reason romaniuk is not riding for specialized, Cedric commanded 250,000 a year to ride for cannondale who does not require the extra *buzz* created by having a big name ride your bike, but now everyone and thier mom thinks commencals are bad ass *not saying thier not... just getting noticed much more*.

that's my take on it :p

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Personally, I'd take a EC-D over a Demo 8. No, I've never ridden either of them but being a graphic designer, I just like the look of the EC-D better. The Demo 8's used to be one of the toughest looking bikes out there, the last 2 years they have become this "curly Q" pregnant looking thing. Yep, that's just my opinion and I'm talking DH bikes here.

Then look at the prices: EC-D $2,999.99 complete, $1,499.99 frame only.
Demo 8 $,4900.00 complete, $2,200.00 frame only.


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