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World Long Jump Record..

I was just thinking this morning about long jumps and who holds the current distance records. I might be wrong but it looks like Jason Rennie still holds the mountain bike record with a leap of 133.6ft back Febuary of 2006. Rennie (no relation to Nathan Rennie who jumped 116ft in 2005) recorded for the longest ever ramp to ramp bicycle jump and was towed up to a speed of 83mph by a YZ 250.

Anytakers for beating that 3 year old record?

The longest current motobike jump still looks like Jason Bird in June 2008 with a leap of 395ft (nearly 3 times longer than a bicycle).

Bird Flies: New Distance Jumping World Record - watch more skate, snow, surf, and moto videos

Ahh geez times like this its good to be old and a couch potato psick though :D

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cactuscorn said:
pffffffffffffffffffffffff.... some mtbr users jump to conclusions that go way longer than either of those guys.
Yeah they jump to to conclusion about they're size of other things to but the better half sorts em out there too :D

Those guy's above impress the heck out of me, mind you I stil get kicks watching old vids of Hannah and Lechien and Bailey, RJ Magoo, and Co I still fnd that impressive, ony cause I know those bikes rip ya arms to peaces compared to the smooth power and butter suspension to bikes today, groms would jump on an yz250 and get decked nowadays:D

Check this out 1886 Dream Team oh yeah O Show Bailey Johnson when country cam first not paycheck!

2 different commentaries of same race way cool perspectives :thumbsup:

Winning was everything to these guy's :thumbsup:


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450 Supercross Results
1. Josh Grant YAM
2. Andrew Short HON
3. Chad Reed SUZ
4. Tim Ferry KAW
5. Ryan Villopoto KAW
6. Ivan Tedesco HON
7. Heath Voss HON
8. Ben Coisy HON
9. Nick Wey YAM
10. Paul Carpenter KAW
11. Mike Alessi SUZ
12. Davi Millsaps HON
13. Cole Siebler HON
14. Matt Boni HON
15. K Windham HON
16. Josh Hill
17. S Boniface

18. R Kiniry

19. James Stewart YAM
20. J Summey

Something to compare, dam the thumper just sounds different! Ive owned em raced em still like em both 2 and 4 just different.

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