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Steel Frame w/V-Brake Posts

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Suggestions please, 26" wheels and I will be putting a 80 mm Fox on it.

I finally cracked my 10 year old frame and while I could fix it I prefer to get another one with a longer top tube this time.

I will need a shortish headtube, 5" max for a 17" to 18" frame.

I like the On-One frames but does anyone sell them in the US?

I want something interesting but not expensive.

edit: The On-One Inbred with v/brake posts look like my best bet. Anyone know of any sites in the US that sell them?
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Check out VooDoo as well. There's the HooDoo, Bizango and Wanga that are all steel and have v-brake
unreal cycles I think is in the US. Heard good things and they sell on one.
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