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steel forks

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I need a nice forgiving steel fork, i'm too big for those cf ones. I want to spend around $250 max, what all should I look at?
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Not sure how forgiving Steel is but check out Salsa's CroMoto Grande, think you can pick it up for around $100.

I am running an Indepedent Fabrications fork on mine and while there are some subtle difference from the Salsa one not sure it is that big of a difference.
I like Vicious Cycles fork and they're good enough for Jeff Jones and IF... good stuff

Chris has been designing and building great forks since back in the day of Yo Eddy's

Salsa makes a pretty good Vicious knock off with a very similar spec. and will leave you enough to pick up a new high end Headset. I've had two so far and have been very happy
I just picked up a used Vicious 29er with a Vicious steel fork.

My experience with riding a fully rigid bike is from long, long ago. I have an Ells 29er that I love, and was pretty surprised at how well that stiffy from Vicious rides. I've been out on my regular trails only a handful of times on it, but I'm pretty impressed.

SPP :)
I can only speak from what I know. I have a Soul Cycles 1st generation Dillinger fork and a VooDoo Cycles Zombie fork. The Zombie is substantially heavier and seemingly stiffer (less compliant) than the Dillinger. The Dillinger's axle to crown is more than the Zombie's (490mm for the Dillinger and 470mm for the Zombie I think). The Dillinger is wider (to accommodate wider tires) than the Zombie. please bear in mind I haven't installed or ridden either one. But I believe I can safely say the Zombie is the way to go if you want a sturdy fork. It's stiff as...a Zombie! :) Good price too. Two models- (1) disc only (2) v-brake & disc compatible with the option to use on a 29er or a 26er. check them out at or (2 places I know of) The dillinger is at The current Dillinger may be different from mine. (a newer model is out now).
I own two Surly KMs; about 1150 grams, $60 ... the ride seems fine ... why pay more?
I use the Salsa CromoGrande and it had been an excellent fork, if a bit heavy at 1080 grams. I also used to own a Quiring steel fork, it was better than the Salsa and lighter but more expensive. I wish I had never sold it; but after using the Salsa fork I don't know if I could justify buying it again.
Salsa here to, especially now with the forwrd facing dropouts, mine has the old rear ones, my only complaint.
fos'l said:
I own two Surly KMs; about 1150 grams, $60 ... the ride seems fine ... why pay more?
I'd like to try a KM. Remember where you got them?
zarr said:
I'd like to try a KM. Remember where you got them?
I haven't tried it myself so maybe I'm just spreading FUD, but the comments I've seen from people that have tried multiple steel forks is that the KM is one of the least compliant
I had a KM on my Ferrous, and I hated it.. A to C was too short for my taste, I also feel it messed up the race day geometry. Felt like the weight bias was too far forward. Got a used Niner steel fork with a 490 A/C and all is well in the world. I love the fork, so light and compliant, but not flexy at all...makes me wonder what it's like on a Niner?

I looked at the vicious cycle fork. I would get one of his but 38mm offset for a 29" fork seems wrong it needs to be updated to a more 2010 offset.
I have used:

Quiring 490 axle to crown
Quiring 475mm axle to crown 20mm thru axle

The Quiring's have been the best, in my opinion.
Niner 853 Steel with 2 option for (A-C)




Great Fork.

ingluis said: :thumbsup:
I have used the Kona P2 29er steel fork with good results. I think it was less than a hundred... not sure bout that though
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