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So has anyone used bmx cranks on their mtb?

I want to get the most durable and badass cranks there are, well almost. So I'm looking into bmx cranks, but I'm unsure if it will work.

I want to mount a 39/40/41t cog at 50mmchainline or so, is that possible with bmx cranks? my frame has the most common threading in the bb shell, Whatever shimano mtb bb's are, thats what I have. 68mm.

Can anyone recommend some stuff to look at that is kinda similar to what I want?

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I've been considering the same. From what I understand chain line is much easier to adjust with 3 piece cranks.

68mm is the same width as bmx bb shells, but I am unclear on spindle width needed for euro external cup bearings.

I like the Deities and DMR, another I like are Fit cranks. They have a new model called the Indent that has a 23.8mm spindle so you can run a 15/16" chainring without needing a spacer.

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I was thinking of building a SS up with BMX cranks but after a bunch of research I gave up.
I couldn't find anything definitive on the parts needed to fit a mountain bike - specially the spindle required. Then when you add up the cost of even cheap arms, spindle, bottom bracket and sprocket, it was going to cost more than a good, higher end mtb crankset. With no guarantee's of fitting correctly. Lots of comments on BMX bottom brackets not sealing well.
And then I saw some comment online about BMX cranks being ankle busters and realized that they would be - that big boss sticking out at the arm to spindle interface would be killer on the ankle bone.
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