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Steel and Real (cheap)

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I recently sold my 05 Cannondale Prophet to get on the 29er bandwagon. I've ridden everything from cheap steel 29ers to expensive carbon hardtail and FS big wheelers and I like the big wheel in almost every case.

I sold the Cannondale for $590, so that my budget.

Currently I've got:
4130 Unbranded Steel frame/07 RST M-29 $350
2008 Bontrager Race Lite wheelset with XT cassette, IRC Mythos XC, (tubes) $trade$
Avid BB7's, Hayes HFX (already own so free)
Shimano Hone single gear (already own)

So yea...I've got roughly another $200 to play with to meet my budget.

I need:
1 brake lever

Basically all the control parts.

Anyways, I was thinking of shopping Sette for the cheapest and lightest parts I could find.

Could I go tubeless and still be under budget? With the Mythos tires be ok with Stans strips?
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