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so long story short, broke an external routed dropper a year ago, been riding a fixed post since. found a good deal on a lev, but it was integra:madman: then i had an :idea:, just mod the frame. the frame is straight wall 4130 so i figure this idea is feasible and i ordered the dropper. came home after a ride on friday and the lev was sitting at my door. modifications began instantly.

1st step was to source o-rings from cheapo depot. i used 2) 3/8" round and 1) 1/2" round. took my caliper and smashed one down until i could somewhat easily install the cable housing while still being snug. the routing would start just behind the ht on the dt located a 1/2" off the 1st housing guide used for rear brake. then out the dt on the nds and into the st. well the 2nd hole started off as a 3/8, but quickly turned to the 1/2" due to the fact there was a slim chance i could retrieve the housing from in the dt. i ended up setting up the saddle and while seeing people having probs with the top plate and the cone nuts, i torqued the bolts and hit em hard with green loctite, probably won't help but it's all i have. setting up the trigger as intended just felt awkward and the noodle is too exposed. so i flipped it over and although it still looks awkward it's a better fluid motion for me and the noodle gets tucked up in the brake lever . time will tell if this "mod" was a good idea or not.

tools used:

2# hammer
center punch
1/8" and 1/4" drills
dremmel with deburring bit
dental floss - pulling housing through dt
boot lace - pulling housing up st
shop vac for sucking up swarf from bb and getting laces and floss through frame
good tunes


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