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Stealing is my new hobby

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The last few weekends weren't very prolific with riding.Rain, two friends of ours getting married,... all took their respective chunks.So I was left with no options other than to steal a ride midweek again.And it was a good sized steal, too, all 8 hrs of it, complete with showing the art of mountainbiking to a newbie in the first half :thumbsup: The traverse and the following descent (mostly not shown) were a bit too dangerous for a first timer so we parted ways before that and sent her down the easy way.Anyway, the day was a fabulous alternative to working (if slightly less profitable ;) ) and we ended the day with a stoked newbie, too.
It didn't end there for me, though.I had to drive to Gorizia because Damjana demanded I help her choose a dress for the wedding (my mistake, I failed to get properly excited about the one she picked on her own :D ).I almost fell asleep on the drive back I was so tired.

The pics:

Sun protector thingie.Effective?Maybe.Goofy?You betcha.

So, did I do a good job of being a choice assistant? :)

Other (riding related) pics are HERE.

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Absolutely breathtaking..oh yeah the pictures of your bike outing are great too:thumbsup:

Oh, and the riding looks nice too :D

Is that a Kona I see? Very nice pics BTW, looks like a great ride!
Every ride is great, the longer the better (so by extension this was one of the better ones :p ).
Yup, that's a Kona (Dawg Supreme).Gregor was test riding it and was stoked on how nicely it rides.

You'll be pleased to know that your posts still elicit out-loud "ooohs" and "aaahs" from me. Absolutely stunning scenery. (Sorry, but it's the out-of-doors stuff that does it for me. :p ) Thanks again for sharing!
Where is that might I ask...
did i miss the location?
XS NOIZ said:
did i miss the location?
Tolmin, sunny side of the Alps, western Slovenia (not Slovakia ;) ), Europe.

Thanks for sharing the great pictures, it looks like a lovely place to ride. Seeing as everyone is to shy to ask i will ... who is that pretty girl?
Stunning! The ride locations aren't bad either ;)
the old fool said:
Thanks for sharing the great pictures, it looks like a lovely place to ride. Seeing as everyone is to shy to ask i will ... who is that pretty girl?
Ummm, dunno.Just some chick I found while browsing the net :p


P.S: If you check out a few of my previous threads I'm sure you'll find out who she is ;)
Gorizia... Nova Gorizia?

I spent 10 days in Slovenia in may but I only visited Ljubljana and Maribor... Will go to Nova gorizia next time. ;) Looks like a good place to ride. :)
The place on our (slovenian) side of the border you're reffering to is actually Nova Gorica.Gorizia is just across the border in Italy.
The riding in this thread has been done in the vicinity of Tolmin, though, about 20 miles to the north.


CLICK for more.

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Absolutely breathtaking shots. Now I have another place to add to my bucket list!
Ah man... I need to go back there, this time with two wheels under me.
Last time I was there I was armed with ropes and sport climbing gear and only hung around Osp for a few days.

Great Pics - Cheers.
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