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Stay safe out there.

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Wow, that is terrible.

I do a lunch loop about 4 days a week that I ride the shoulder on the Diagonal from Niwot Rd back to Boulder. Reading stuff like this spooks me about being on the roads.
Well placed ad... :rolleyes:

Please be careful this week.


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My heart goes out to them, this shouldn't have to happen.
That's just awful and so sad. On a totally selfish note, I was just about to head out the door on a loop that includes crossing the diagonal on 63rd. I know it's irrational, but now I'm kinda freaked out about doing it.

I know I am always taking a risk when I leave the house (whether it's for a run, a bike ride, car ride to the grocery store, whatever), but I wonder if I should stay off the roads w/ my bike. More spinning class? Or maybe, we need to get MORE bikes on the road...get drivers to pay more attention and ALWAYS be on the lookout for us.:confused:
I ride through this intersection every day on my commute to work. It's definitely scary, cars doing 70+ and then having to stop at a red light on little notice. I don't ride the diagonal(119) anymore as I've witnessed too many drivers using the shoulder/bike lane as a bale out when they need to go from 75 to 0 as the lights turn red and they don't have enough room to stop. It can be a hairy stretch of road in a car, but especially scary on a bike.

Try the back roads instead of the highway. 75th street has far less traffic and a nice wide shoulder now. Either way be careful out there...
another reason why i prefer trails to roads... you would think riding roads are safer, but i'd much rather go up against a narly trail than against a truck...
Crap! So that's what was going on to cause the traffic jam I hit today. I thought a truck got stuck on the tracks is all. Really sorry to read about this and condolences to the family and friends of that woman.

Stay on trails. Actually I ride through there on my bike commute too and I HATE that section.

Ed E
I so sorry to hear that happend.That sux big time. being from Nyc i fig all the years i have been riding i would get hit there Nooooooooooo i moved t o OKC 10 years ago for 9 months and bamm i got hit there and fliped over the dudes hood. That was a shock for me. Again sorry to hear that happend there.
My wife and I saw this and freaked us out. Hate to hear about anyone loosing thier life to a motorist, let alone a mack truck. WTF.

OT but.......
Does Colorado have a death penalty? Just curious.
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