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Staten Island - Wolf Pond park?

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I remember IMBA was working with NYC Partks Dept to get MTBing trails. Anybody hear anything? Ridden there and can offer impressions? Thanks
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It's greenbelt...

all the way for me. I have pedalled there four times in the last two weeks.
Some nice singletrack, nothing technical really bar a few slippery roots.
I have got an ok mental picture of the area now and can loop some nice
rides to make it feel like you are not really going in circles.
I come from Manhatten and it's free on the ferry and train to newdorp.
Takes 45-50 min from Manhatten to touching the trail.
I have bumped into hikers and people working the camps etc and they have aall been nice
and offered advice on where to go.
I am free to ride mid week.

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Im free to ride anytime. The Conference house has some fun trails. Nothing super technical. Wolfes Pond is a bit more technical, especially if you take the "road less travelled".... just make sure you can hop and/or clear large roots.
You can go riding in the Greenbelt. Its a lot more technical and much bigger. You can ride for 2 hours and end up on the other side of the island.
Staten island has some hidden trails all over just watch out for the rangers.
New to riding on Staten island just getting my bike this weekend '12 Trek Marlin (Gary Fisher Collection). I am a 44 year old male looking for some trails. can someone help me
Is it free to ride Wolfs Pond? Just curious.

Well, either way the damn Verrazano is $13.

Do you think a complete beginner and his GF would be fine on the track?
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