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Has anyone out there owned or used the Stans ZTR FR rims? Experiences, impressions, insights??? I'm thinking of lacing them to Hadly 10mm bolt thru axle for "medium" duty FR, DH and abusive AM use...

FWIW, these are going on a 7x7 Supermoto. Lotta rocky ass fast DH and AM type stuff (read 20 mile rides w/ uphill and FR). As for FR, well it seems every month I go a little "bigger" with the drops, so it's hard to say where it'll end. To flat I currently do a ton in the 4' range, bigger to tranny of course. I'll never (hmmm...:rolleyes: ) do 10+ footers to flat... Basically, I huck what we find, but don't go out looking to session huge drops.

I run 2.5 Nevegal rear / 2.7 Mobster front. I want wider rims because I often feel these fat tires roll laterally on, or "off", the 23mm rims I have now - running @ 25-30psi. I feel this "squirming" on everything from slow rocky to fast DH, esp. w/ babyhead type surfaces.

I want the 10mm bolt thru axle because the QR rear feels flimsy, esp. compared to the front - I can feel it deflect often - no likey!

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