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Please don't flame me for making a Versus thread. I am usually the first to hate on this type of thread but I did look 10 pages deep into this section and found nothing about the sun rims. Hopefully we can have some serious tech as opposed to most other versus thread that just ask what is better. This is for a 190lbs 29er rider.

Stans Rims The Good:
Seemingly good track record

Stans the bad:
No eyelets
Low spoke tension
Pinned seam/ Not welded

Sun Rims the good:
High spoke tension
Welded Seam

Sun Rims the bad:
Not as light
Not much history for the Equalizer line

So here is what matters to me. I don't like working on my bike, especially when it comes to truing my wheels since I have to remove the tire to fit my park stand. I do not abuse my wheels but I do ride them pretty hard.

My previous set up was Mavic open pros. Those lasted a couple years of cross but I tacoed the front on a crash shortly after putting them on a MTB.

My current setup is a set of Mavic T-217 hard anodized tandem rims. These rims bring the beef. I have been mashing on this wheel set for about 4 years. I have only trued them about 6 times and they were only out a couple MM's at a time. I am just super picky when it come to my bikes. Nothing wrong with these wheels, they appear to be going last for many more years but the rims are super heavy. Like 600+ grams each.

In my new rim purchasing I will be looking a getting a lighter rim for the front and a little beefier one for the rear. So like a Stan's 355 front and an Arch rear. For the sun rims I would do a Equalizer 23 front and rear.

I am not looking for you to tell me what rims to get. I just some input, experiences, maybe some tech aspect I have over looked.

Thanks for reading.

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You might have some bad info on Stans rims being pinned. All of the ones I've seen have been welded, sometimes even with extra welding slag in the tire bead socket area.

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No experience with Stan's rims, nor tubeless setups. I have just built my third wheel with Equalizer 27 rims, though; two were 650b, one 26er. Nice rim, no complaints. Mavic is normally my first choice but for the 650b no Mavic rims, so thought I'd give Sun a try, and liked the combo of weight/width/price and wanted eyelets. Stan rims also don't use the same bead arrangement, for your list of differences...
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