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I got the kit straight from Stan a while back when he first came out with rimstrips and had no dealers in Canada. I've ran it on my fr bike going on three seasons now. As some of you know, the system is bulletproof (ie, the bike sat for 8months and when I pulled it out, still had enough air in the tires to go for a boot :D :cool: ) So when it came to throw new tires on the g/f's bike it was a no brainer... got to go Stan's.. I've seen the kits run up to $150 (sweet mark up from $62us retail :rolleyes: ) so I figured I'd give this a shot and it worked :D :cool:
you'll need the following to set up a set of mavic 517 or similar xc rims:
nylon reinforced tape 3M part # 897 or wider depending on the rims you're running
roll of electrical tape
old shrader tube valve stem (yes just the stem, the rest is obsolete:D ) reason I used a shrader vs. presta is that it'll allow me to add more sealant down the rd (highly doubt it'll be needed but still..... :rolleyes:
a jug of Stan's No Tubes sealant (that you can find fairly cheap at some of the finer shops around GTA)
you might have to drill out the valve holes on certain rims to slide the shrader stem through....
that's it.....
run two layers of nylon tape to cover the spoke holes, follow that with four to six layers of electrical tape, poke through the stem hole, slide the stem through (making sure you put some sealant all over it), mount the tire on (leaving some of the second bead open), add 1/4 cup of sealant, mount the tire all the way on the rim, soap up both beads and blast some air in (compressed air preffered).... it's that simple... say goodbye to tubes
If any of this didn't make sense, I'd suggest buying the kit and doing it "by the book" ;)
sory, didn't take any pics as I really wanted to get it done and see it hold air....

a pic of the No Tubes factory (although I think they moved since our visit)... on our way down to JimThorpe for MBW '04 :D yes the car wash was fully operational :D :D

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