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Stans Neo Hub end cap friction

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I have a Stan's Neo rear hub. When I tighten down the thru axle the way it should be, there's incredible friction seemingly between the non-drive size end cap and the hub/bearing on that side. The wheel hardly turns. If I loosen the thru axle then it spins better, but the thru axle then works itself out while riding. I've taking the whole thing apart and back together and can't figure out how this system is supposed to work. The bearings are all fine. Is there something basic I'm missing?
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I think your post poses more questions to get a better idea of what's happening... Is the wheel new or did this start after some riding? Also, how are you certain it's the non-drive side? If you've take the hub apart, remember there is a small spacer behind the freehub body (red spacer). Have you tried to reach out to Stan's yet? Neo hubs are really simple so I can't imagine you've "done anything wrong".
This is a new wheel. I don't know for certain that it's that cap, but I got that impression just from playing with the wheel off the bike. The small red spacer is in there.
I haven't tried to contact Stans. I guess I'm just conditioned to assume that companies will be unhelpful and don't even think of it first. I'll give that a shot.
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