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Stans Crest - What tires are easy to mount?

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Had some trouble with:

2.24 WTB Mutano Raptors
2.0 Michelin XC Dry

2.25 Ardents were easier but still somewhat difficult. Would probably have some trouble putting a tube in if I flat out on a ride.
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technique is key. push the bead in to the center channel of the rim to get the most slack to roll the bead over
I agree that technique/process is key. I have Rocket Rons (2.1's, EVO, non TLR) and they went right on with no issues. Using some sealant on the beads really helps along with starting witht the valve at 6'oclock (bottom). I also roll my wheels with downward pressure right after I get the tire on.

Either way I pretty much always use tire levers and sealant.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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