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There are many of us who carry a GPS/Bike computer, camera, or mount a phone on the handlebars, etc. It seems that every device has a different type of mount, had anyone tried to standardize on one type and adapt everything to it? I have an older Garmin handheld GOS which had a simple slide off and on mount, then their bike computers have a quarter turn mount. I also have a Garmin Virb action cam which has the gopro style thumbscrew and then a quarter turn type of mount. Then there is the gopro lift the rubber flap, squeeze and slide mount and various others like the quadlock that i see popular for phones. I like to be able to take my camera or gps off my handelbars and attach to my backpack straps so I've found a 3d printer Garmin quarter turn for my old GPS but that still leaves the camera/gopro style. Wondered what anyone else is using?
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