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I think this deserves its own thread. Back in the day this frame was legendary.

New S.T.A. info:
Early stages rundown:
2 models available no names for them yet.
One will be a lighter version and one will be in the range of the current 250S weight wise.
Both will have the gusset.
Both will be available with or without brakes and will be drilled and tapped for removeable tabs.
They will both have pierced top tubes of course.
The lighter version will use tapered chain and seat stays.
The heavier duty version will have straight 7/8′ stays.
The lighter version will have 75 degree head angle and the more classic 74.5 will be on the stronger model.
The lighter one should weigh around 4 1/2 lbs with the stronger one at close to 5.
Both will have the built in seat post clamp as optional.

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