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Standard Bykes now making custom 29ers made to order.

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Back in the day I used to ride there 20' bmx bikes, Standards bmx bikes where the best bmx you could buy...period! They were made under contract by Waterford Cycles back then. Fast forward, Standard now makes frames in house now, they make any frame size or geo you want, and what they have looks really good.

Check out the 29ers.

More pics here...

Also, company info...
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Pretty interesting news. Positive even.
Pretty interesting. Gotta' love Moliterno!
That might be cool, the STA gusset. I just sold my 1997 STA to my best friend. Standards new 29er looks like something else, a bit older, can you say Hutch
mellowme17 said:
big looking frame
Pretty sure it's an XL-ish sized frame. The guy who owns it is somewhat local and I think in the 6'4" range.
Pretty cool I guess. I used to own an STA.
It started for me with an all chrome Bicycle Motocross frame, then I had 3 STA's. All just incredible bikes. Perfect geometry and as another said, "the" bike to have.
Has anyone else bought one of these? Was wondering how the process and final product turned out.
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