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Can I use Alligator Rotors (link) with Shimano M535 brakes?

The same quastion is about Shimano RT75 rotors.

I know old Deore M525 has wide pads and not quite compatible with "standard" 180mm rotors (Shimano RT75 e.g.) becouse pads contatc with rotor "spokes".

But, as I know, M535 brakes are compatible with XT pads and the quastion is: are M535 compatible with standard 180mm (for front) and 160mm (for real) rotors?

If they are, what adapter for front should I choose?
1. Shimano Post to Post 180mm
2. Avid Mount Adaptor Front Post 185mm

I'm thinking about Avid 185 becouse of to move calliper out of ceneter to avoid contatc with rotor spokes.

Thank you.
And I'm sorry for horrible English.
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