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St Louis this Sunday (6-28)

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I am an Arizona rider looking for some tips to St Louis trail. I typically ride FR/DH but don't have my bike. It looks like I'll be renting a beat up $300 hardtail with 80mm front travel. It's the best I could find.

What is a good 6(ish) mile loop within the trail system? I'm sure I'll be done with that bike after 6 or so miles. I'm looking for challenging terrain but not too tough since I'll be bringing a novice rider along.


If you are ever in AZ and want to experience some of the gnarliest terrain to shuttle, look me up:


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Try posting on DHHawaii. There is always someone riding there on a Sunday.
Try going to

They have Stinkys and Enduro to rent.

St. Louis is not a trail for novice so you may want to rethink bringing one along.

Fullface is a must.
From my experience back in the days...

Beside the DH trails, you can actually go uphill at the parking lot, loop around by the houses, come down toward the swing, then meet up midway down the downhill, avoiding majority of the ruts. I used to train for XC there during wkdays, and do the DH trails on wknd.

Someone who ride dirt at most bike shop will prob. be able to tell you the names of these trails if you give them that description.
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