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St. Helens Vid Will Cure the Blues

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A few months ago I posted a five-minute slideshow of a ride friends and I did in July. Now that YouTube accepts bigger files, I've gone back and added six clips and expanded two others.

The two from the east side of St. Helens are 2:30 each and are about as good as it gets.

If, like me, the snow, rain and crummy conditions have you down, this might just put a smile on your face. Great also to show to friends who are missing the PNW or those who may be coming this way for a ride.

Most of the footage is from Ape Canyon but some from Blue Lake, Lewis River and Falls Creek as well.

It plays fine on a laptop but if you hook it to your big screen it is sooooo much better. Springsteen, Stones, Boston. I'm old. What can I say?

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Nice vid Jim! Only it makes me want Summer to hurry up and get here even more!

Geez, I must be old, too. I bought 'Boston' on 8-track when it was first released! Listened to it tonight, CD now, it still rocks! :rockon:
Great Video, thanks for putting it together and sharing. Also, as a 60+'er, and riding four days at St. Helen's last July, I appreciate your dedication. RIP Brad Delp.
Far from the northwest now in time and distance, I really enjoyed the deja vu you provided Jim. Thanks --Randall
Well now I have a must ride for this summer. Great inspiration. Did you film that with a GoPro @ 720 and a chesty?
I've never ridden that, and every year I swear I will. This is the year. I swear. ;)
The two big clips from Ape Canyon and three clips from Lewis River were shot with a GoPro Hero with chest mount. No matter what I do I just can't minimize the jarring when I use the helmet mount. Some of the other stuff was shot by friends with hand-helds or helmet cams.
Great video Jim, giving me some much needed motivation to make sure I make that ride atleast once this coming summer. In fact I think its time to hit up duthie for some wet & windy riding :)
Most inspirational video I've seen lately, thanks for posting! I've shared it with my two boys on Facebook as a "must-do" this year!
While I certainly wouldn't say that the snow has me down ;), that video has me stoked for riding down there this summer.
Had to watch it again. The penality for failure at 6:33 - 6:35 would be death.

yeah Ive been couped up and moody this season.

this vid got me ready for some dry riding!!!
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