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St. Eddies vidio

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this is a simple video test with my new camera. it is a ContourHD mounted on the top of my helmet. I think it could be moved a tad bit up. other than that, it turned out ok.


[URL=]St. Eddies[/URL] from [URL=]Jim Hansen[/URL] on [URL=]Vimeo[/URL].

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Looks plenty good enough Jim. As does the trail. Helped build that section what seems like eons ago. I always seem to be riding up it when I seldom venture that way. Nice to see Tom's trail fixes working really well also.
That works....

Looks good, just a tad more level (as you stated), to get away from the ground racing under you at the bottom of the video. Camera will also benefit from being level since wide angle lenses will distort angles if not level.

Great riding with you yesterday at Newberry...

Looks so much better than early-days helmet cams. As the Juanita Trail culvert installer, I think the white PVC stands out too much in the PNW woods; I'll get up there and cover up the ends with branches one of these days.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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