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Could we compile a list of the brands/models of single speeds? I'm looking to upgrade this summer and I'm getting frustrated at the lack of selection... but maybe I'm not looking in the right places. And I'm sick of pimply faced rookies telling me to put a singulator on whatever flavor they think is cool.

So far my local choices are...

Trek... Lemond Fillmore
Fisher Rig (but they won't be any until '06)

Kona... Unit (but I don't want 26" wheels)
Sutra...(then I'd have a pile of drive train parts I don't want)

Surley... Karate Monkey

Van Dessel...

C'dale... it's a EBB but has 26" wheels.

And then there's the internet...

Zion 853 EBB frame... but does it take 700c wheels with 38mm tires?

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Yeah, tons of options. I put togehter a list about 5 years ago but stopped maintaining it after it grew past 30-40 vendors.

Definitely look at Chester if you want a bike with soul.
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