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I haven't posted pics here yet, so here ya go. Watching the snow fall and stuck in work, remembering last weekend when I just wanted to get some miles in and headed out to my local trail, riding from home instead of driving. Rode every type of surface- cement bike path, pavement, gravel road, dirt road, wide and thin singletrack. 32x18 with much flats and no motivation to go fast it ended up taking 4.5 hrs for 30? miles. Plus the rain came on the way back home, so it turned into a trek on my Trek.

The pix seem to be in some weird order unrelated to the order I added them or the filenames. :(

4. view from the top
3. rear end closeup
1. gerbils going by, sorry this is the only shot of the destination trail
2. bike shot in the old sandstone building
5. singletrack connector on the plains


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