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Maybe not what you're thinking, but...

Your Brooks Saddle in, say, 40 years

$250, or $25/2hr rental. Seems steep, but it was cool.

I knew that colder was better all along

This was in Karlsruhe, Germany, but I liked the pic, it says, "Hollywood", and it's BEER!!

I and SinglespeedPunk had a brief PM conversation when I was there, and we were within about 100km, but I didn't have any way to hook up with him for a pint. Bummer.

I looked for a copy of "The Outcast" at three different shops in Cambridge and London, but no luck. Bummer.

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you just made me thirsty!

damn that beer looks good!

how'd the linkage brake work? probably not something I'd down a steep hill very fast. that rental shop is definitely not helping the bicycle manufacturers to stay in business, but the bike would make a nice addition to someone's antique collection.

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cambridge is bike heaven

I spent a few weeks there working a couple of years ago. We rented some nifty bikes and rode along the Cam to Waterbeach for a pub lunch one Sunday.
Here's my wife. She's the one holding the bike (not the cow), and she knows Cambridge well after doing her PhD there. This was a pretty long ride, especially after going the other way on the river first to the place for tea and scones (cannot remember the name right now, maybe Granchestershire?)

Cambridge is really a bike friendly place. Check out this sign I encountered after biking to the British Antarctic Survey Headquarters, 'cycle accomodation'. we don't even have freakin' bike racks at my 'environmental non-profit research institution' here in the USA.

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