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Of all you out there with Pugsley's Running Single Speed.

I live in Midwest (Far Northwest Suburb of Chicago)
Building a SS Pugs. I'd like some Input of what your running.
On my other SS I run
34-16 on my 29er riden only in Summer
on my Green Convertible 1x1
29" wheel with a 34-17 and in winter 26" wheel 34-18

Later this year I will Build a Alfine Rear wheel when Hubs come available

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I've been on my SS Pugs for several years now, and on long hilly snow rides and trips here in Alaska I run a 22x16/18/20. Might seem small but it's what works for me on snowmachine/ski trails and fully loaded. I wouldn't go that small in a race or shorter rides but it's comfortable on long hilly fun rides/trips. Also depends on snow conditions. Sometimes 22/20 ain't small enough!

Before Pugs I used a 1x1 w/ 2.4 rubber and 32x20 in 350 mile snow races if that gives you an idea of my ride style.

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