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SS on the flats

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So, I have been thinking about converting.
1- I like the simplicity.
2- NEVER use all the gearing that my 3x9 gives me.
3- Live on the coast of VA--NOT a lot of mtns
4- From mtns of NC--lots of singletrack

I guess what I am asking is, what do you guys think about SS on the flatter terrain? I know its benefits on the mtns, but what about here where my buddies hammer in the big ring?
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When in Rome

Put on a big ring.
It'll be great. Especially when you find that perfect ratio for your terrain.
Give it a try. I personally get bored on my SS when there are no hills around but then again my gearing is pretty much hill biased. If it doesn't work out you can always give 1x9 a try.
I know what you mean I hate flats on my SS, just personal opinion. Either try some different ratios or do a 1x9.
You ride in two different types of terrain, that sounds like a perfect excuse for a second single speed:thumbsup:
I agree with what was already said. Find the right gear for your terrain and you'll love it. One place where I ride is particularly flat. Great singletrack but flat and I get kind of tired of it.
Think I might try the 1x9 route. That way if I decide to definitly go the SS, I already have the front chainring.

Any recommendations for the tooth number on that chainring?
If 1X9, try a 36t.
I'm in southeastern NC (Wilmington) and ride a SS. I'm about 8 miles from the beach so it is flat here too. The local trail I ride the most uses the most of a giant hill otherwise I'd look at a different ratio. But, since there is the massive hill and I head west whenever I can - I keep my 32X18. On the flat stuff I pedal comfortably and it's then that I grab my water bottle. Give it a go - adjust as necessary.....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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