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Hi my name is Kajtek (i know it's weird, it's Polish) I ride a trick out 05 Chase 3 I am in the market for a SS kit, Bash Guard, Crank Arms, and Sprocket. I don't ride too hard, well take that back i ride hard, but I'm not a person who sees the 25 road gap thats not finished yet and says "So who's got a bike I'm ready!" like some of my friends. I ride mostly, Dirt, and Street I Want to convert my stock 8-speed hub into a Single Speed, with a preference of a 17t and 36t but none of the kits I've seen have a 17t either 16t or 18t, so i will proly go with the Gusset SS kit. I also want to get a preferable Black e.13 STS Bash Guard, I've been posting around for Crank Arms, my first thought were Grey Deity Crank Arms, to match my Deity Bars and Stem, and my Argyle 409, but idk since people have told me that they though but heavy, so i thought about Saints and Hones but, they only come with a Crank Set or thats wat i found out ans they are both wicked expensive but not like Deity isn't but my limit for Crank Arms is $200. For the Sprocket I thought of just a regular 36t e.13 Crown Wheel.

So i post this wicked freaking long post for u to tell me if i should stick to my plan or go another way, or wat your opinions are about the parts that i've chosen also if any of u have prices for these items that would be helpful cause i can't find a price on anything except the crank arms. Also list bellow are the specs of my bike so if u have any other opinion about it.

Frame Large Chase 3
Fork Rock Shox Argyle 409 1.8" 100mm
Rims (rear) Sun Ditch Witch, 32 hole (front) Atomlab PIMP 32 hole
Hubs (rear) Cannondale Fire Disc (front) Atomlab Aircrop disc
Spokes DT Champion
Tires Maxxis Holy Roller, 26 x 2.4"
Pedals Cannondale Grind EX Platform
Crank TruVatiV Hussefelt, 36/guard
Chain SRAM 8-speed
Rear Cogs Sunrace M60, 11-32
Bottom Bracket TruVatiV ISIS DH
Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore
Shifters Shimano Alivio
Handlebars Deity 25.4 Grey
Stem Deity 25.4 Grey
Headset Big Fat Pig Reducer Headset
Brakeset Avid BB7 w/8" rotor front, Cannondale Fire w/cartridge pad rear
Brakelevers Avid BB7 6" rotor rear
Saddle SDG I-FLY
Seat Post SDG I-Beam
Colors Midnight Blue (matte)

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You can get a 17 tooth single speed cog for the back you just have to order it separatly, for cranks get either the dietys or some other bmx cranks, bmx cranks work great on dj bikes. Post this up in the dj/urban forum and you'll get alot more answers.
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