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SS in the italian outdoor paradise

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hi to everyone,
My name is Mike
i live in Finale Ligure and
hope to see more and more "singlespeeders"in the trails...

For this pourpose we started
where you can get in touch with us and see what the place looks like.

there's a small clip too on you tube ; ridefree SS

feel free to ask any questions concernig climate,lodging, trails,getting around
i'll try to do my best.

keep it simple and single !


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Thanks for posting a thinly veiled spam ad for a tour service . If I am ever in that part of the world I am sure that it is possible that we may meet on the trail , until then ta ta for now .
You are more than welcome,
remember I make no money out of it just try to pay the expenses ( some gas,and food)

My idea is and will always be from "rider to rider"
thanks god i have a job ,
and Ridefree is only to share the ride and the territory.
If you like my idea spread the word ,any suggestion is welcome.

(hope my english is properly written)

your english is properly written. i love me some SS, no matter the continent or country.
everybody calls me mike (in italian it's written miche)
kind of nickname.

tell me more about your riding , do you sk8 ,or surf, or...

Hey Miche

my wife and I are in the beginning stages planning a trip to that area for next fall. Your web site is intriguing but vague, I like what seems to be your philosophy tho. How can I get more info from you on what you have to offer?
SS in the italian outdoor paradise

I can offer you almost the same things you could offer me if I was visiting your area.

I am a true rider,I am not a big company;
I can show you Finale Ligure highlights and secret spots and our outdoor lifestyle,here nature is really beautiful .
Do not expect schedules or too many plans ....

bring your own bikes, if not ( I'm 5'8" and have three orange SS complete bikes if you need )
the more I 'll know about your holiday ideas .....the better

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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