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Hi Guys,

I am thinkin about building up a single speed. I cannot decide what crankset/BB to go with

1) White industries eno crankset with a stainless steel phil wood square taper BB

2) single speed spefic fsa vdrive mexa-exo SEE LINK;

I think option 1) would be heavier, less stiff, but smoother

option 2) would lighter, stiffer, but probably not as smooth

I am looking at the 180 Crank arm length, and I think that as far as stiffness I would notice the difference between the too.

Please advise?



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I would use option 1: I have never had a issue with square taper cranks, I like how the BB sets up, I will take smoothness over light weight any day, and it is one of my goals in life to never own/use a 4-arm crank.

You would (maybe) notice a difference in stiffness only if you rode each crank back-to-back. No one I know with the ENO has mentioned flex being a problem.
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