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First-time poster with a noob-type question. I'm turning an abandoned 1990 Raleigh Pointe mountain bike (with a freewheel and vertical dropouts) into a winter SS commuter. I put a BMX freewheel on the back, and bought a Pyramid chain tensioner and a new chain. (I'm planning to install a new bottom bracket to take care of any chainline issues.)

The Pyramid didn't come with any instructions, and I haven't been able to find any online. Here's the question: Do I install it before or after I fit the new chain?

Also, how tight should the chain be?

Thanks in advance

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Like this?

And this?

First, have you read the FAQ's ?

Have you choosen a gear yet?
If so, make the chain fit so it just fits the gears(or allow for a little slack, so you can use a bigger cog)
Makeing the chain 1 link shorter is easyer to do than to make it longer.
Use the chaintensioner to tension the chain.
The tighter, the better. The last thing you want is your chain to come of.

Or pick a gear on your bike, still in the original setup.
Try it for a few rides.
Calculate the ratio.
Order the new crancks and BB.
use the ratio to calculate a cog to go with the new chainwheel.
order that cog, or freewheel.
make the chain fit
use the tensioner
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