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I'm somewhat upset that MTBR is rife with a bunch of internet lurkers and we don't have an anime forum. I expect the moderators to jump on this.

While I don't usually think anime=SS, I do have to say that Princess Mononoke strikes a bit of chord with my riding experience. Living in Oregon, I get out into deep, lush forests. Huge trees of almost legendary proportions loom about me and when I reach an overlook, it is often a view of forest stretching as far as the eye can see, with mist and cloud clinging here and there to the needles of Douglas Fir. It helps me to appreciate the profundity of nature and the importance of balance between our urban areas and our wild.

SS specifically gets the nod; it is a fight to keep my conditioning and skill high enough that I can tackle more difficult rides, and at the end, I'm often surprised by what I've accomplished. To say nothing about the purification of the slow grind of climbing several thousand feet.

Of course, this is saying nothing about giant talking animals that I regularly encounter.

Now, tell me about anime and your SS riding experiences that I'm not sure I want to hear. Pictures put you in the bonus round.
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My riding experiences are more Hentai than Anime.
Princess Mononoke is an awesome film!!! Great landscapes!

I need to come riding near you if it reminds you of the film.
sean salach said:
My riding experiences are more Hentai than Anime.
That is why you are my hero.
umarth, check out these riding videos if you're into anime.

Very dreamy trails in Japan.
I was doing some trail work one time when I decided to push my time limit. Next thing I know, it's dark out, and I'm biking through the woods almost blind. Off in the distance I saw two lights, but I didn't hear anything. Would you believe it was the cat bus? Well, it was, and Totoro and the cat bus gave me a ride out of the woods. Luckily I had some acorns in my pocket to pay my fare.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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